Sustainability has always been an indispensable goal for Allianz MiCo. Over the years the Allianz MiCo’s management company has pursued it consistently and effectively using the most suitable means made available by technology and adopting the most appropriate solutions.
Many interventions have been carried out, as well as those that are soon to be introduced, which concern not only energy savings but also a sensitive attention to environmental problems.
Air conditioning
The air conditioning is entrusted to a system equipped that allows obtaining the highest level of efficiency possible, with generous energy savings.
The lighting, with new-generation LED lamps with DALI technology, allows the reduction of up to 60 percent of energy consumption and extends the life of the equipments in use. This mission also involves the service providers in charge of the setting up the spaces on behalf of the clients. A home automation system, with intelligent lighting management, allows further savings in consumption.
The flooring of many of the areas is made with a resin with a low solvent content that guarantees, just a few hours from the installation, a level of volatile compounds (VOC) of less than 1 percent and ensures a longer life and the reuse for new productions. The Mico Lab, the large exhibition space in the north wing of Allianz MiCo made available to the city for events, exhibitions, fairs, start-ups, presentations, is made with recycled materials already used in the main structures of Allianz MiCo.
Sustainability and environmental issues also concern the management of some areas in the surroundings of Allianz MiCo. In fact, Allianz MiCo deals with the care and maintenance of green areas for public use, regulated by an agreement with the Municipality of Milan. In favor of non-polluting mobility, Allianz MiCo then built a charging station for free-use electric cars.
To counteract the botanical impoverishment, the environmental sustainability project of Allianz MiCo includes a bee farm to support the biodiversity of the area.
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Allianz MiCo is managed by Fiera Milano Congressi, the leading venue management company part of the Fiera Milano group

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